Hospital is the worst job ever

Location: Malta
Job: Medical clerk

Hi I¬†work at a hospital as a medical clerk. The first thing I noticed was the environment. No windows – I feel claustrophobic. It’s full of people. When I first started this job I didn’t like my boss, she shouts and is annoying. The coworkers are backstabbers gossipy chatter boxes that don’t shut up for a second. I keep getting mountains of workload and this coworker who all she does is sit and be lazy keeps ordering me what I do. I had enough of this shit hole, it’s the worst job ever extremely depressing. The patients all they do is complain and are nasty.


Underpaid and Overworked

Location: Edinburgh
Job: Bookkeeper

I am so fed up with this job. Minimum wage, yet I have to take tons of responsibility because the director keeps failing to take his. If I’m missing receipts, because she loses them, or gives them to me six months after the financial year has been closed, then she always rather blames me for it, ‘oh I’m sure I have given you this’ etc. I very rarely make mistakes, but when I do I own up to it, and she goes blue in the face and becomes rather angry and swearing. Often these aren’t even mistakes, they are spanners in the works because I could not get her to clarify why she keeps messing up prices. She also becomes angry if she thinks I’m turning up late (but forgot to tell me to come in earlier) and assumes it’s my fault regardless. I actually feel sorry for her sometimes because I think she’s going to have a heart attack, but I’m fed up and I don’t want to be bullied. Lastly, he always complains about his ‘cash flow’ but he never thinks of our wages that are two months behind. Not to mention his creditors that are six months behind. But this is just his way. Surely ‘deep down’ he is a Buddha. I want a better job. It’s so bloody hard to find anything good these days. I wish the roles were different, i.e. that she needed me more than I do. And, I forgot to say his partners in crime are terrible too. They do nothing all day (they run four companies), chat and watch videos, go out for meals instead of working, and they put all their private expenses through the company. Very frustrating.


Working within a braindead clique

Location: uk cambs
Job: allgiveandnotaker

First of all, fuck you Ian you fat pompous twat. This company is fucked up. I’ve had enough of every one of you. The company’s logo should be ‘I’m alright Jack’. So called supervisors and managers don’t give a fuck about the bullshit and hard work that you have to go through just to get the fucking job done but hey, as long as they’re ok. This place is a fucking mess. I’m going very soon, job or no job and you can do the work yourselves, if you’re capable. Better still, get some other mug to put up with this bullshit, while you sit on your arses not giving a fuck about anyone else, that would suit you better. The future IS bright, knowing that you need me more than I need you. Bring on the bad attitude meetings!