So sick and tired of nasty ass people

Location: smyrna,de
Job: cus tomer service

I swear if I have to take one more call and speak to some bitchy nasty woman (I am a woman myself) I will scream. So sick of people talking to me like I am a piece of dirt and having to take it. This stupid ass company does not allow us to talk back so we have to suck it up. I have started to hate people in general because of this stupid job. People want answers asap and have zero patience. They seem to have no clue that it may take a minute or so to look up the info they are looking for. Doesn’t help that our systems suck.


Fuck you

Location: USA
Job: teaching

Why are so many women in the workforce so passive aggressive and full of shit? I get that men can be total assholes, but you don’t do anything to stop or prevent them from being assholes. You gossip about each other and constantly drag each other down. Being the only male at an all female workplace fucking sucks!!


I hate my boss part 3

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Job: Business Analyst

She’s a boss a** bi*** bi*** bi*** bi*** bi*** bi*** bi***. Seriously though, I hate her. She did say something nice to me today, but I can’t help but feel like it’s required for her or that it’s a struggle. This goes further though. I hate my job because I can see the future. The woman who is my counterpart in another state routinely works 60+ hour weeks. I don’t think I’m paid enough to do that. I’d need at LEAST $100K to even consider it. I just don’t want to have that life. I have an opportunity to escape, but I’m so afraid to do it because it means that my income could/would drop significantly for the first year of my employment. There’s too much unknown. I just want to be successful. I don’t have much time. I’m also sometimes worried that I’m going to be canned. Honestly, they could find another person to do my job. I have a friend who would be good at it. He could theoretically take my job, and after one month, it would be like I was never there in the first place. I don’t want to be a bad worker or a lazy worker. It seems as though I’m more motivated before I go to bed to do a great job and really impress my boss, but then when I get up, I feel lazy, anxious, and annoyed. It’s like I just want to avoid work. But deep down, I really just want to be good at my job. I just hate going in, I hate what I do, and I hate my boss. I just want to be happy.




My CEO doesn’t pay his staff, has assaulted them, goes to any length to lie and destroy people’s lives and will say anything to sell a product – even if that product doesn’t exist. Stay away from this man at all costs, he is an aggressive psychopathic bully. Everyone who has ever worked for him has fled because of his abuse and interrogation tactics.




I’ve become so paranoid lately. Every glance or scowl makes me think they’ve talked about me, or laugh about me when I’m not around. It seems the more they talk about me, the more I become just like the sort of alien they describe–antisocial, angry, unfriendly–an outsider. I can’t trust anyone and I keep to my business, but the glances and mutterings and false smiles as they greet me bother me and make me nauseous. I often feel like vomiting. Are they all laughing at me? I’m afraid to get close to anyone who seems nice because what if they start to get outcasted just for being associated with me? Or I’m afraid that they’re just pretending to talk to me, but are really just putting on fake smiles while believing all they hear about me. Why should it even matter? Why does this sort of thing make me feel like I’m suffocating? All I want to do is work peacefully. But everyone seems afraid of me, or avoidant, as though I have leprosy. I can’t breathe. They all talk talk talk talk talk. Talk about me. Talk about each other. Talk about bosses. Talk about things that don’t even concern their work, like “guess who’s divorcing who” or “guess who’s still single even at 30”.Continue reading