Selling products sucks

Location: somewhereidon'twantto
Job: sales

I cannot stand my job…I just got it, and I don’t like it already… I hate selling products to yuppies and annoying older people. I hate being a woman in a room of only men… I am really sick of only working with is driving me pretty much crazy… I want men to fuck off now thanks.. I can’t stand working alongside only men…I’ve got no one whom to talk to whatsoever too.. All the rest are men, why am I the only woman here??? What a joke.




You must have fun pulling the prank on me today and then acting like you didn’t do it. Do you know why I know it’s you? There are three people there and the only one who does not have a history of pulling shit you and your buddy are known for is not either of you. I hope you two fall into a ditch and drown in it. Disgusting creeps like you two deserves only disgusting things. You two make me sick.



Location: New York
Job: Research

My supervisor has a thing for younger women in the workplace. It is really gross and commonly complained about. He constantly checks us out with what seems to be a sexual appetite. There were rumors that he was even having an affair with a young account executive around the age of his daughter. If you are a young woman, stay away from this asshole!



Location: New York
Job: Strategic Planning

My supervisor regularly harassed me, raised his voice and treated me as his personal punching bag when things didn’t go right. He was also viewed badly by younger female executives, recently out of college, for skeevy behavior around them including looking down their blouses, staring out panty lines and, on occasion, propositioning them while the agency kept this under wraps. Stay away from him and an agency that would tolerate such behavior! Disgusting, old man! Yuck!


This place…

Location: Georgia
Job: Geologist

How, in the hell am I supposed to deal with this place? 2 years ago, my boss chewed me out for this minor thing, basically threatening my livelihood, over what was basically, not printing a sheet of paper. He’s had constant health problems over the years, and had been kind of bitey now and then, but that time? He straight up threatened to fire me over it.

Since, he’s been in and out of the office for extended periods, and I’m the one who caught a lot of the flak when he was upset over his own problems. Thing is, he’ll come in and be your friend one day, and the next be calling you a straight idiot. My reward for all of this, was a cut bonus and no raise for a year and a half. On the same year 2 of the partners moved into new, and NICE houses. I’m so god damned tired of this place, but the time to look for a new job is running over my patience, because I’m not licensed yet.Continue reading