Punching customers in my dreams is no longer enough

Location: Uk
Job: Fixing fucking idiots appliances

Kids are being blown up in hospitals by stray bombs, worldwide famines, genocides etc etc but there are still fucking complete wankstains out there that live such charmed lives that they still have enough time and energy to bitterly complain that their fucking oven browns pizzas slightly more to the left than it does to the fucking right. Every oven in the cunting world does that for fucks sake! Open the fucking door and turn the shitty pizza halfway through cooking time and your oh so fucking major life threatening problem is solved!! Oh but that’s too much work isn’t it asshole.



Location: tustin ca
Job: RN

I can’t take this sh!t anymore. Just the thought of doing this for another month makes me what to shoot myself. Just 4 more months of this! Come hell or high water I am leaving! I just need to build up my savings a little and then I’m done!!! I am beyond burned out!!! This is the worst home health company, there’s a reason why the turnover is so high, cause it’s absolute sh*t! This will be my last nursing gig! I’d rather live under a bridge or freeway or working at Walmart scrubbing toilets. I’m getting all my financial sh*t together and living on passive income. NEVER again. I’m out of this profession – no going back!!!!!


Letting it Out

Job: healthcare

I’ve been off for two days and the thought of going back to work makes me sick. 12 hours that will tick by slowly and painfully. I’m bored shitless in my job. I’m so sick of faking it at work, I got a degree for this bs? I try to remind myself of all of the positive parts of the job, good pay and mostly cool people to work with, but I hate patient care. All I want to do is indulge my love for animals and start my business, but I need $$ for that so until then I am stuck.


Director of Bullshit

Location: The South
Job: Boss

I hate my staff. Soul sucking, needy, talentless, demanding little children totally incapable of handling their own work. Constantly whining and complaining about every little fucking thing. Enjoy it while you can, you little shits. Slowly, methodically, I am going to fire and replace you one by one.


Let me do my job in peace


Why can’t people understand that not everyone wants to be in the limelight? I don’t want to teach, I have severe “stage fright”, I am a behind the scenes worker and I like it that way. There are many other people who LIKE teaching computer classes to idiots – I DON’T. I am willing to take on whatever anyone else doesn’t want to do, as long as I don’t have to go public about it, or be in the public eye. Yes, I will do 4-5 hours a day desk duty, that is my job. Helping the public. I get that.and I’m good at it. But I don’t want to spend the other 3-4 hours being with people….outreach, teaching, making contacts. I have more than enough to keep me busy – and then my boss says that I am not pulling my weight. Bullshit. I am just so tired of all of this. I’ve been a librarian for 27 freakin’ years, and you are treating me like a newbie. I need a 6 month vacation so I can sort out my life. I need time to be myself. What I DON’T is you telling me that I am not doing my job, just because I don’t want to teach a class or appear on a local cable show IN FRONT OF A CAMERA saying how wonderful our library is. Let the extroverts do that. Just let me do my MANY backstage jobs in peace.