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Fed up

Location: Scotland UK
Job: Admin

I am fed up with our boss and his hypocritical actions. Treats certain staff better than others and fails to see that this has an effect on the whole team. Lets one member of staff away with what should be a sackable offence and yet rants and raves at others for small things.

So I was told to go ahead and book a venue for an “away day.” When I phoned up the venue the deal on their website was no longer available so it was going to cost a little more than I’d originally stated. Boss was on holiday so no way to check with him and time limited to get the venue sorted – so checked with Finance Manager and between us we agreed it was okay to go ahead.Continue reading


You made me do it

Location: America
Job: Consultant

I used to be a nice guy. Fun, laid-back, easy to get along with. But because you can’t pull your lying head out of your lying ass, I’ve become a complete ogre to my colleagues. Nobody can say anything constructive to our client because nobody knows all the bullshit you’ve fed them.

I’ve asked you for help for 3 months and what do you do…give me yet another project!

No wonder people (good people) keep quitting.


Big arrogant boss

Location: Australia
Job: Admin

I heartily dislike my boss. He ignored a legitimate bullying complaint, deliberately gave me more work than one person can handle and when l asked for help was straight up called a liar.

He is the state manager for christ’s sake!


Where do I even work for this guy?

Location: US
Job: Engineer

I love it (not really).

So my boss comes in to my office to ask my opinion on a special concrete detail drawing he sketched up (by hand). I give him my opinion:

ME: “You probably should ask the structural engineer about where more reinforcement wire and bars should be added, especially near the corners and thickness.”

BOSS: “Well that’s just a detail that can be figured out by them.”

ME: (Thinking… by whom? The contractor? The structural engineer?) “Well, true, I guess we can always review the shop drawings later.”Continue reading



Location: Midwest
Job: Admin/Management/Assistant

I don’t even know where to begin. I am bewildered that our boss actually believes your constant ridiculous bullshit stories, your excuses, and your lies! Seriously, I shake my fucking head in disbelief! You actually think you are a good person. Let me say that an actual good person does not have to convince others that you are! I’m so sick and tired of watching you lie your way out of working!

I’m sick and tired of you talking shit about everyone you know! I know you talk shit about me too. You are nothing but a two-faced lying manipulative conniving c**t! You are not only a shitty coworker, you are a shitty person, shitty wife and a shitty mother! Your kids are assholes! They are spoiled little twats and the other one is a fucking little pissy!Continue reading


Moronic workplace with moronic workloads

Location: Canada
Job: Health

Humiliated? You don’t know what humiliated is. You are just pretending to save your behind and tried to deflect it on me. NOT going to happen. Blaming one person for the systems problem of an entire department takes some guts to do. You know that the problem for all the overtime is your stupid scheduling issues, inefficiencies, falling behind, lack of funding, growing waiting times, growing workload and burnt out staff, and the management does not care.Continue reading



Location: Usa
Job: Supervisor

This woman is angry! I only worked here less than 1 year and I am already planning my escape! The director only cares about how she looks and not her staff. She has temper tantrums, bullies people, doesn’t care about staff wellbeing, and overall a b*^%#! Within the past 3 months over ten people quit!


Medical staff know better than you

Location: USA
Job: Orthotist

I studied biomechanics so that I can have the expertise to fit a body for prosthetic and brace it for proper function. I work day in and out with doctors in order to treat patients.

So when you, uneducated patient, come in claiming your doctor told you to “choose” your brace, I know you are full of it. You no more choose a brace than you choose your surgery.Continue reading


I don’t want to work here

Location: West Coast
Job: Managerial

Do not ask me about projects that you did NOT include me in! Do not call me at 8pm asking stupid questions! You have me at work all damn day, ask me then! I hate your sarcastic fucking tone, you asshole! Fuck you and your fucking non-sensical ass! Fuck your indecisiveness! Your company has me depressed and not wanting to work there anymore!!!!! I absolutely hate my job, can’t wait for the day I finally get to quit!!!


Stop calling me

Location: Somewhere
Job: IT

Fucking people. Can’t they just take a goddamn chill pill for five fucking minutes?

I am seriously trying to work and people are just interrupting me for the fucking most trivial reason because they goddamn cannot wait for the 5 minutes it takes for me to fucking save the file and send it to my boss before he goes off.Continue reading


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