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Lazy fat fuck

Location: USA

The lazy fat fuck where I work is so lazy. He works for five hours just so that he can sit around and surf the net on his phone for the remaining three. I would pro-rate these people’s pay or fire them!


Being Stalked

Location: Mars
Job: Assistant

Six months ago while working late one night I overheard a telephone argument between my boss and his wife where my name was mentioned twice before he screamed, “I’m WORKING!” Since then, the wife (who also works with us) won’t talk to me or acknowledge me in any way. Additionally, they began having fights in the office and are obviously going through something personally. They are both going to individual therapy sessions and they are seeing a marriage counselor. Needless to say, this has put a strain on both my job and my relationship with my boss. I’ve tried to carefully address her behavior with my boss, but he shuts me down. I’ve spent the past 6 months trying to figure out what I may have done to deserve this treatment, but I’ve been unsuccessful.Continue reading



Location: Fuck if I know anymore
Job: Oxygen waster

You go on my Linkedin page and I look like a fucking superstar. None of it is made up, I even thought I was worth something at one point. Then you leave your corrupt-ass, money-guzzling, we’ll-use-the-poorest-population-to-take-full-advantage-of-company because you have what people these days would call ethics. You apply exclusively to jobs within your field. You’re young, ambitious, determined. You keep getting rejected but you’re resilient. Three months go by…nothing. It’s ok, even JK Rowling sat at a coffee shop and wrote Harry Potter and got rejected by countless editors. Even Bill Gates was a drop out. Steve Jobs. Hell, Einstein reportedly never saw middle school. So you persist. Then people tell you you’re being too picky. You have a BA and you know you’re good at what you do so you insist on pursuing what you want. Three more months go by. You seek advice, make three different copies of your resume, now you’re walking around handing them out to employers in person. They smile and say they’ll give you a call back but guess what, those little chicken-shits have no balls, so naturally, your phone stays silent even though you check it over and over again to make sure it’s on the loudest of loud settings.Continue reading


Passive Aggressive Supervisor Bullshit


It’s that manager. One who thinks he is a Christian but spends his time gossiping like a little bitch and bad mouthing professionals who he feels he needs to run down because they realize how shit he actually is. It’s THAT supervisor also, the cunty piece of trash who looks like she is a five year old who has been told she has to share toys. Used to getting her own way because she smiles and puts on the fake baby-voiced charm that she thinks no-one sees through. The one who thinks she knows best despite not knowing her ass from her elbow and can’t cope with someone outright disagreeing with her in an honest fashion – god knows she couldn’t be honest so just displays the passive aggressive smile instead. I wonder if her partner knows she is a massive bitch and cheated on him with Jason? Probably.


Passive Aggressive Bullshit


It’s that employee. The one who never talks to others if she has a problem, but fumes to herself about it for the entire day, blows the perceived issue out of proportion, launches into an loud angry tirade of complaints that can be heard through the walls, and then sends a giant chain email to everyone and their supervisor in the most condescending and passive aggressive language possible just to make it clear how unhappy she is with her workplace and how everyone is not bowing down to cater to her every entitled whim. When really, these issues could be resolved in 5 minutes by getting her ass out of her chair and directly discussing the issue with those involved. Instead, she self-styles herself the queen and dictator of every single tile she steps on and makes a point of notifying the supervisors of every instance of her displeasure, no matter how petty and time-wasting it is.


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