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Go fuck yourself

Location: Chicago

Ok so listen up all you motherfuckers wasting my time, making up lies, pulling the old bait and switch, blah fucking blah blah blah…I LEFT A FUCKING JOB WHERE I WAS TREATED NICELY AND RESPECTED AND PAID WELL AND LOVED MY CO-WORKERS TO COME TO YOUR SORRY ASS OFFICE AND BE BROW-BEATEN, TREATED LIKE SHIT, THEN LAID OFF BECAUSE THERE’S NO BUSINESS!!!??? So here’s a question you ugly full-of-yourself, “I-own-a-winery-in-North-Carolina-so-I’m-awesome” motherfucker: if you already knew there was no business, why the FUCK did you hire me?! And your ugly white trash power-hungry office manager Tammy, can kiss my motherfucking ass! Did you know she talks about you, oh precious Dr. Asswipe, when you’re not around? And I feel sorry for Maria. That naive twit has no idea you’re using her then talk shit about her in front of other employees and your patients?!!! Have you and Tammy completely lost your pea-sized little fucking minds? What are you, like, fucking each other on the exam table after hours, laughing at everyone’s perceived stupidity? Do you have any idea what I’ve been through in the last month trying to find a fucking job now? Kiss my fucking ass, you miserable excuses for human beings!


Boredom, loneliness and bullshit

Job: Secretary

Okay… wow what a fucking cluster fuck of a mood I’ve got lately. After long fucking years of being broke as a mother fucking joke, almost gone homeless and fucked all around, I finally found this job after I graduated from college. At first I was okay with the job because everything was new to me and I was kind of nervous. After the first 2 months I felt like nobody wants to talk to me because, well, I’m the new guy. I don’t mind my co-workers for ignoring me, but as soon as they found this crazy fucking ass-drilling load of work for me I got busy with it so it got me distracted for a while. After being 6 months in this job I kept doing the same shit over and over and fucking over again and it has got to the point of never getting enough sleep, and I feel fucking sleepy out of crazy boredom. It’s nightmarish. Not to mention that co-worker who throws all her work at me which fucked me over upside down with hundreds of papers to do, and nobody has ever fucking talked to me or even tried to get to know me. I even tried to befriend one of them and it was a complete get the hell out of my face. Nobody cares whatsoever.Continue reading


Don’t work hard, you’re not valued anyway

Location: Australia

Don’t bother! What you do means nothing! Someone else will always get it over you. Don’t work hard as you are not part of the ‘in’ crowd and the hidden agenda. The lesson is, do the same as the incompetent people. You’ll get paid and treated the same anyway 🖕🏻


Never been so ashamed


Members of my boss’s former customers made comments about me while I was in the room. Without going into detail, I’ll admit I had problems I could have improved on, but I didn’t mean to offend. That said, did they think I was deaf?? Or was that their way of leaving an obvious hint?? Unprofessional bitches, they can all fuck off and die. I’ve never been so humiliated, hurt, and upset.


30 more years of this?


I hope there is an alternative from spending another 30 years working in finance with various assortments of gobshites, in the hope that you can provide for some fucking kid that will resent you until it is as at least 25, and a wife that can barely stand to be in the same room as you. All the while hoping the fuckwits in charge of this country don’t fuck things up so that we go from Netflix and chilling to a Mad Max without the thrills post-apocalyptic society. If that is all there is to life then genuinely I’m running a hot bath and getting the razor blades out. Fuck this shit.



Location: United States

I am just about to lose my mind. How many times do I have to tell you to put your fucking phone down and stop texting, Facebooking, Snapchatting and whatever the fuck else you are doing besides the work you’re just ignoring on your desk? SHUT THE FUCK UP, DO YOUR JOB AND LOSE THE PHONE.


I work for a douche canoe

Location: USA
Job: Hair

You are some sort of horrid piece of shit! All your shops look like shit! You put no money into them and just want to pocket the cash. You expect people to work the hours of a sweatshop. Your attitude is that of a drug addict, which talk of the town is you’re a big drunk, so I’m certain there is a chemical problem as well. You give not a fuck about the employees, probably why you have trouble getting workers. Word travels fast in this business. Good luck piece of shit. As soon as I find another job, I am out !



Location: United States
Job: Sales Rep A+F

Let me just start off by saying if you ever think Hollister is not as good as Abercrombie, well you’re wrong. I’ve worked for both stores and let me tell you Abercrombie has to be the worst job an average teenager could have. We never meet our store’s goal because no one shops there so all of our managers are crab cakes all the time and hardly bother to say hey or what’s up when someone clocks in. Since there are never any customers and the store is somewhat big, I’m just standing there for 5 hours with nothing to do. They tell us to refold clothes if we’re ever bored. But we’re always bored. So who in their right mind wants to fold clothes that are already folded for hours?!Continue reading


Little things adding up

Location: US
Job: Line cook

A few weeks ago when I opened salsa, I made a few mistakes and it pissed off my assistant manager. Two weeks ago I had to call off (my first call off) due to my husband and I going in at the same time for work. We could not find anyone to watch our son, so I called off. (My first call off mind you). This didn’t sit well for her. She wanted to know if my trying to have shifts covered weekly (only had been the previous week and that current week) would be consistent and wanted me to change my availability. I didn’t know what to change it to. I told her we are looking for babysitters we can afford to set our son up with (and found one).Continue reading


“Taking one for the team” again & again

Location: US

I don’t have to be talked down to by some sub-human entitled customer because our company does not communicate internally. I’m taking too many hits around here and I’m about to lose it. Why I stuck around when a competitor offered more money is totally beyond me. I thought loyalty meant something. Worst company EVER.


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