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I need to get out

Location: London
Job: Post room monkey

I hate this job. I fucking hate it. I have a good education and a desire to progress yet I’m stifled by an environment filled with drones with little interest in doing much beyond the bare minimum. I have ideas on doing things better and more efficiently and yet no one seems interested. They care more about not getting in the shit with the client. It’s the kind of environment where you get noticed only when something goes wrong. The work itself can be done by trained monkeys and yet every single day I’m reduced to lowering myself into doing what’s little more than factory work in a corporate setting. Morale is low. The pay sucks. The hours suck. The work culture and people are generally good and we get along well on a personal level. But I feel like I’m suffocating. I don’t give a shit about what happens beyond my contracted hours. I’m doing the bare minimum and not an ounce more. My plan is to upskill and go elsewhere. This is a sinking ship and it feels like I’m the only one who can see it.


Restrictions and more Restrictions


When I was hired three years ago, this job was pitched to me as being treated on the executive level. All I really cared about that was the idea of “executive hours” which means you could be 10-30 minutes late on your expected time and no would care as long as you weren’t late for a meeting and you made to make at least 40 hours a week. That is the dream. I have morning issues, but I can stay at 1-2 hours late. Not only do we not have executive hours, we are nitpicked to death over the stupidest things and treated like the collection floor. We are not in collections or a production team. Our work is based on quality, precision, and taking our time.Continue reading


Overweight, overpaid and over-estimated

Location: UK
Job: NHS

I’m not sure if it’s because you didn’t get enough hugs as a little girl, some dark family member slipped you the finger, or you just grew up to think being a complete manipulative, passive-aggressive bitch was the way to succeed at work, but you’re so close to being told to fuck off, right before I file a grievance with the string of e-mails, unpaid overtime and work violations I’ve made sure I’ve kept a record of. No wonder the NHS is in such a state when incompetent, obese and downright vindictive cunts like you are supposed to be running it.



Location: Land of the Lost Insurance Office
Job: Processor

I just don’t understand how and why people who blatantly waste the company’s time get promoted… Why do people who do their jobs stay in place and people who are problems get to do other things? I am beginning to think that people who are problems are moved to solve a problem and get an undeserved promotion. Nothing in this company has ever made any sense and things just get worse. I think they are blind and living in the past. They don’t care about movement of any kind…Just move the jerks along who can’t compete. People who are competent stay in place – forever.


Another one bites the dust

Location: London, England
Job: Office Bitch/Mind Reader/Magician/Hand Holder/Nanny/Psychiatrist. Depends on the day of the week, really.

So, another manager left one of our departments today. He lasted less than a year. To give you some context, within the past two years, the reprographics department has had more managers and team leaders walk out of that job than you’ve probably had hot dinners. To any normal, sane human beings out there, this would suggest that there’s clearly something not right with the way things are done. But not to “the client”. The “client” doesn’t care because we’re outsourced now. We’re not part of the organisation. In short, the “client” is a gigantic thundercunt. To say that I hate my job would be a massive understatement. I fucking hate it. Luckily, I’m in the process of conspiring (yes, conspiring) with my brother into getting me the fuck outta there and into a better job in Switzerland. Once I get out? Sayonara, bitches. I won’t be looking back. Good luck with the next sucker who buys into your bullshit.


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