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Idiotic Boss

Location: Amsterdam
Job: PM

So most people in my team hate my boss but no one dares to protest. My boss thinks she is smart but she doesn’t understand the most basic things. Boss makes us do the job she is supposed to do and doesn’t care if we have to stay overtime. Moreover, boss denies to say things that were said (but maybe not captured in a written form).


You’re an asshole

Location: UK
Job: Ex assistant manager

C, you are the most miserable, vindictive, micromanaging, useless piece of shit that I have had the misfortune to work with.

I’m just happy that I left you floundering when you’ve had all the assistant managers of the other sites walked out or were in the process of doing so, plus the other 10 members of support staff (we are a small organisation based in one city over a handful of sites, so you can imagine the impact of this).Continue reading


An asshole boss

Location: Redlands City QLD
Job: podiatry receptionist

My boss is a shit-bag to work for. He loves young girls that build up his ego and womanizing. He spent ages just putting clients down who came to his clinic. He made fun of everyone he could. Complained about Medicare system and having to wait a month to get his DVA pensioners government-paid clients’ accounts fixed. He bought too many shoes and raved on about his wife and brother’s kids and how his mother was a complete bitch. She said to me, “It comes as a shock when you find out people don’t like you as much as you thought, doesn’t it?” and I knew she was directing it at me. All my advice is don’t go to his fucking clinic. He leaves a mess everywhere, he expects his staff to work during lunch and late, and he is cranky all the time.Continue reading


Unorganized collection and management system

Location: Philippines
Job: Teller

Its been a month since I transferred on this position from being an office staff and I thought my workload would be less since I’ll be only focusing on collection, but I was wrong. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY? A LEADING ELECTRIC COMPANY IN MY HOMETOWN BUT CAN’T FIX ENOUGH OR CREATE A RELIABLE SYSTEM? From an 8 hrs load shit, we worked for almost 12 hrs because of this fucking whatsoever cheap bullshit system. We are so exhausted and we don’t have time for ourselves. We work hard and are very devoted but it seems the company do not look out for what’s good for their employees. I’m so tired of this shit.. 😭


No one is that lucky!

Location: London
Job: Advisor

The light-bulb moment came when you told me you were lucky to have me. Trust me, no one is that lucky you tight fisted buffoon. How is it alright for me to work 12, 13, 14 hours a day and be paid the same as that backward, lazy tramp on the other team? Silly me… it’s because she lets you feel her up so you can do her work for her. How in the world do you have time to do her work when you are meant to be managing OUR team? By the way, the next time you’re having a feel can you ask her to stop showing us pictures of the other hole in her backside! You have a good team but we are all looking to leave. You do nothing to stand up for us and we have lost all respect for you.Continue reading


Annoying creep

Location: United States
Job: Sales

Looking at your face makes me want to vomit. What’s the deal with the creepy-ass hat? Do think you’re suave? You’re not. You’re a douche and a half. And the food you eat? Why are you a vegetarian when you eat greasy potato chips by the bagful? Munch…munch….munch… And all of the shit plastered on your walls like kid art projects. It’s a fucking eyesore. And the butting into everyone’s conversations with your know-it-all comments….shut the fuck up. I would love to kick you right in the balls with Bruce Lee force.


Fed up

Location: Scotland UK
Job: Admin

I am fed up with our boss and his hypocritical actions. Treats certain staff better than others and fails to see that this has an effect on the whole team. Lets one member of staff away with what should be a sackable offence and yet rants and raves at others for small things.

So I was told to go ahead and book a venue for an “away day.” When I phoned up the venue the deal on their website was no longer available so it was going to cost a little more than I’d originally stated. Boss was on holiday so no way to check with him and time limited to get the venue sorted – so checked with Finance Manager and between us we agreed it was okay to go ahead.Continue reading


You made me do it

Location: America
Job: Consultant

I used to be a nice guy. Fun, laid-back, easy to get along with. But because you can’t pull your lying head out of your lying ass, I’ve become a complete ogre to my colleagues. Nobody can say anything constructive to our client because nobody knows all the bullshit you’ve fed them.

I’ve asked you for help for 3 months and what do you do…give me yet another project!

No wonder people (good people) keep quitting.


Big arrogant boss

Location: Australia
Job: Admin

I heartily dislike my boss. He ignored a legitimate bullying complaint, deliberately gave me more work than one person can handle and when l asked for help was straight up called a liar.

He is the state manager for christ’s sake!


Where do I even work for this guy?

Location: US
Job: Engineer

I love it (not really).

So my boss comes in to my office to ask my opinion on a special concrete detail drawing he sketched up (by hand). I give him my opinion:

ME: “You probably should ask the structural engineer about where more reinforcement wire and bars should be added, especially near the corners and thickness.”

BOSS: “Well that’s just a detail that can be figured out by them.”

ME: (Thinking… by whom? The contractor? The structural engineer?) “Well, true, I guess we can always review the shop drawings later.”Continue reading


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