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Dear Fellow Associates

Location: Winterville
Job: Garbage

Dear fellow associates,
I regret to inform you my last day is coming soon. I do realize I am not liked at my job. I have given up my cheerful demeanor. I worked my ass off to make a difference to help everyone on this team. I am human and I make mistakes too. I feel like in this place I am not going anywhere. My supervisor still believes in me more than I do myself. I work hard, because I always felt I am not doing a good enough job. I had jobs that yelled at me, shitted on me, treated me like yesterdays garbage. I never mentioned it because I feel that it should not matter. I am not appreciated by you guys at all. Why do I feel bad? Because you guys are a good team and I feel like I have been holding you guys back. I don’t feel like I have achieved anything nor any kind of respect. I feel like I have been passed over. Sure I probably am suffering the karma I did to the other girls. All I did was stay away and nothing more. I don’t like gossip at all. I thank you guys for all the opportunities that you guys have shown me and all the experiences that I have learned from this job. I feel that no one really likes me. That’s okay because maybe I am a bitch, a pain in the ass, or just a dumb girl that no one likes. That’s okay, but my calling is elsewhere. I have nothing bad to say about anyone. In the end I must have done something wrong to deserve this. I have given up and there is nothing I can do. Good luck you guys and I will leave quietly.


She’s gone! But not totally….

Job: Legal

So I’ve been putting up with the most emotional, hypocritical, condescending jerk of a boss for three years. Her boss, who is much worse, would not give her a raise, title change, or the additional responsibilities she asked for so she’s moved on to somewhere else in the company. Its like a shadow of negativity has been lifted from the team. I come into work, no longer dreading the mood swings and the unjustified bitchy behavior. This is someone who would be handling something, you follow up with them about it and they snap at you for trying to be involved with something they said they were dealing with. If you don’t follow up, you get bitched at for that too.Continue reading


No senior takes responsibility

Location: New Jersey
Job: Assistant Project Manager

No senior takes responsibilities for their own mistakes. All the mistakes are put on to the juniors which adds up to their review.

They make you work overtime and do not pay and if you ask about pay a couple of times, you get fired.

All the juniors get yelled at for coming even 1 minute late and if left on time, even after working overtime on a daily basis.

They rarely even make you work on Saturdays without pay, but if you take a personal day off, it will be deducted from pay.

Juniors also get yelled at for taking more than 15 mins lunch break.

The moment they get a person at a lower pay than yours, they will ask you to train them on what you have learnt and then fire you.


For the thousand times I’ve posted I hate my job.

Location: Regular
Job: Retail Slave

I have posted here on so many occasions for some of the jobs I have. I hate them all. I hate retail, I hate customers, and honestly it’s really sad to think all the customer interaction jobs will go away. My job may be eliminated, but I think I’d rather celebrate it with a bunch of drinks. Nasty customers ruin people’s days with their bullshit. It may not bother you right away, but it eventually eats right at your soul. Becoming bitter and full of despair thinking you will never get out of this degrading business. Don’t worry folks they will eliminate face to face interaction with customers someday. It may eliminate my job, but I’ll be way happier to never deal with the ungrateful people who walk in and make people so bloody miserable. So if you’re sad that jobs are going away, thank the people who treated the workers less than a human and whose self esteem suffer the fall of being miserable and stuck there.


Stupid sexist company

Job: Engineer

I can’t believe I’m still working here. This place is ridiculous.

I’m in charge of a project. I’m an engineer. I have the best degree in this company. And nobody fucking listens to me. I say something for a really long time and they just ignore me. I point out that something is wrong and they tell me that’s none of my business, only to find out weeks later that I was right. And then they bring it up like it was their idea, and all of a sudden that’s a brilliant idea and everybody talks about it. I tell them about my opinions and research, and they just don’t listen. Today I told a guy about a new function that the managers asked to add and he told me he needed to hear the direct word, as he takes no orders for me and “you think you’re the boss?”Continue reading


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