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You Idiot Boss

Location: Earth

The fuck is wrong with you?! Our place of business is a wreck and you refuse to have anyone fix it! You won’t hire professionals to clean it and you won’t allow us to clean it. There is mold for God’s sake and you just leave it there! People are going to get sick and you don’ care! All you care about is saving money, which includes kicking us out earlier so we don’t have time to clean anything. If an inspector comes in, our business will be closed down but you don’t care. All you can think about is making more money and you can’t bear the thought of closing down for a couple of days in order to give the place the deep cleaning it needs. It is inevitable that our business will close down because of safety issues but you insist on gambling our careers anyway. You are a fucking moron who makes terrible decision on top of terrible decision. Our workplace goes through so many people because you are a dumbass who makes shitty decisions, refuses to clean up the mold in the workplace, and work your employees to death on other projects while you do jack shit.Continue reading



Location: Anonymous

You fucking egotistical, lazy-ass bitch! I honestly do not know where to begin with you. Your laziness and blatant lying have put you on the chopping block to be fired more than once but through sheer luck you avoided it. You are a lazy hypocrite who lied to the boss’s face and guess what? He knew you were lying! It took him 5 minutes to figure it out that only were not doing anything but were lying about all of the “projects” that you finished. You were too busy yapping away or stuffing your face to bother doing your job. Even the boss, a spineless wuss, was on the verge of firing you! Every goddamn day you brag about how great you are, listening in on other peoples private conversations, gossiping about your co-workers personal matters, and ratting out to the boss every tiny piece of dirt you overhear.Continue reading


Literal criminals took over and kicked me out

Location: South Africa
Job: Graphic Designer

The company I worked for had a really awful boss to begin with. This person had no idea how to run the company as he/she (keeping it anon) was sleeping with the owner whilst he/she was still married. Fast forward the owner dies and leaves the company to the other man/woman not the family. This x-secretary spent the nexr 10 years running the company in2 the ground.

So the company and all employees gets sold to literal criminals that had previously been to court for fraud. The case was dropped. Half of employees were retrenched – and against the law – replaced.Continue reading


Don’t listen to an idiot

Location: Uk
Job: Serf

There is a serious idiot in a role that should be safe, they’re not meant to be making big decisions. However, they believe they are amazing, and better at it than the qualified workers, who have spent years training and studying to do what they do. This idiot has muscled in to make major decisions for another workplace. This didn’t go well, as the dumb decisions were a) against company law, b) against employment law and c) really fucking dense. This idiot has seriously screwed that place, and now is upset they can’t get money from them anymore so has moved on to us, arguing for more time and more money, recommending making the same wrong choices that screwed up before.Continue reading


Good News!


So I have made a few work rants in the past and I am pleased to announce good news. Some of the people I ranted about are leaving! Two of them are quitting and going to higher paying jobs while another is getting fired. It took a lot of time and a lot of effort (For one of them at least) but they are finally gone and we will hopefully never see them again. God willing. Now if only I could get my boss to stop being a lazy moronic jackass.


You’re abusive

Location: Olive Branch
Job: Hell if I Know

You have a “wheel of encouragement” filled with humiliating and demeaning tasks that you make people spin for any reason you feel like. You do it if they performed well, you do it if they screwed something up. You do it if you’re having a bad morning. You do it if you think it will be funny.

You purposely exclude people from things whenever they upset you and you choke them down and try to hinder their growth for no apparent reason.Continue reading



Location: Uk
Job: Server

You are something really special. Once in a lifetime, we might expect to meet someone like you. It’s very rare to find a classic grandiose narc with exactly zero self-awareness. It’s almost fun, like when you learn to identify a thing from observing its looks and behaviours. You are the real deal, paint by numbers, classic version. No more and no less! Your job is to ensure the flow of work for others, and yet you can’t do this. Instead you have managed to turn things on their head, and you are definitely the tail that wags the dog!Continue reading



Location: Uk
Job: Support

You are hard work to be around. You have a harsh word for everyone, except your chosen side-kick (who happens to share many of your traits).
You especially dislike younger, slimmer, better-qualified women, and reserve special criticism for them.

On Zoom, you won’t show your whole face, leaving out the double chins and sagging jowls. You used to say it’s because your laptop is old and has to be balanced up high, but work gave you a new one, and you do this weird half-face thing still.Continue reading


Excuses excuses

Location: USA
Job: Professor

Stop saying “different times” as an excuse. This is our new normal. Get used to it. Every excuse you email me is compounded x10 because you think you’re the only person who wants special favors. We all have problems in our lives right now, stop blaming everyone and everything else for yours, and own your mistakes. May I assume you are lazy? Because that’s what your behavior suggests. I don’t want to jump to conclusions but when I get 10 emails just like yours, it makes me not want to help any of you. Other faculty and students alike.


The hypocrisy of nonprofit “leaders”

Location: Nonprofit Hellscape
Job: Nonprofit Peon

Maybe if you spent less time trashtalking employees who leave the cesspool you call a nonprofit you’d have some time to moisturize your dried gooseberry of a face. You are way too young to look that old, hun.

Try paying your current employees a living wage and giving them decent health insurance, cost of living adjustments, and merit increases so maybe they’ll stick around and continue to put up with your narcissistic horse shit. You give “leadership” raises every year, after all. Ah, the rank hypocrisy of paying yourself triple what you pay your workers and then judging them for pursuing better jobs…Continue reading


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