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Ignorant prick

Location: Massachusetts
Job: Customer Rep

To my fatass employer: Your Boston accent makes you sound retarded. It wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t actually retarded. But you are. You are super annoying and unintelligent. Keep shoveling those pizzas in your face. I hope your pants pop open during your next sales presentation. You got your job because you are a man. Stop treating women like they are second class citizens. I don’t know where you found your wife but god help her. I would love to throw you in the lake and watch the alligators eat you. I want you gone from this planet.


You disgusting lemming

Location: Massachusetts
Job: Programmer

You lemming. You think you are so fucking important with your stupid ass job. Please get it through that thick head of yours that you are seriously dumb. Why do you think that you are so fucking smart when you are borderline retarded? You deserve nothing in life for the pain you have caused people. No one respects you. You think you are so liked? Why is it that when I walk out to my car most nights, someone will inevitably bitch about you. You fucking coward. You talk in generalities. Why don’t you just say what you mean you motherfucker. I hate you and wish you would die a slow and painful death. I hope you get a terrible skin rotting disease. I hope your house burns down with your family in it.


Gross Harold

Location: Washington
Job: Secretary

Harold, you are an uneducated, slovenly prick who happens to have a high level job because you suck dick. Also our company seems to like loud mouthed white males who talk shit. Your stomach hangs over your pants by about a foot. If you were any shorter it would hang on the ground. You’re not even 40 years old but you look like you are at least 55.

You think you are so important because of your stupid job but really you are just a piece of shit and I hope something bad happens to you. I hope you get even fatter. I hope you get so fat that you will have to be buried in a piano box. You deserve it for being an egotistical douchebag. God help your wife. She is probably as putrid as you are. There is someone for everyone. Enjoy that big ham sub tomorrow for lunch. I hope you choke on it and die. I hope you fall off a cliff and birds eat your remains.


Lola you bitch fuck

Location: Delaware
Job: Call center

Lola you are so ugly you make my eyeballs water. You have a round face and look like Shrek. Your teeth are crooked. Also you wear stupid clothes from JCPenney. Fuck. You think you are so privileged and smart and important. You are nothing but a big fat loser. Fuck your job . I hate you and how you treat people. You are no better than anyone else but you act like it. I hope you get cancer. You deserve it for the horrible way you have treated me. I know you are jealous of me and that is why you have actively held me back. Fuck you. I know you want to duck the boss. Everyone knows. You two were meant for each other. You make me fucking sick. I hope you die. You are nothing but white trash.


Fucking fat fuck

Location: Connecticut
Job: Manager of operations

My boss is a fat short gross man. I fucking hate him, mostly because he has no idea what he is talking about. He has a horrible New York accent and is an egomaniac. He is so fucking ugly I just want to squeeze his neck until his cellulite pops out of his eyeballs. I ducking hate him so much. I want to tie him to the back of my truck and drag him through the streets. He plays favorites and it is sickening. He is really a sick guy. He completely ignores me and doesn’t give a fuck about what I am doing. He has no knowledge of my job. He was head of accounting for awhile and didn’t even have an accounting degree. I work for a white male dominated old boys club company. I hate it there. They can all kiss my ass. You fat fuck, Bob, go to hell!!


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